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Community Investment

As active members of the UK and Irish construction and engineering industry, we believe it is our responsibility to also be active in the resolution of the most pressing social issues in the environments in which we operate.

A proud supporter of Business in the Community, Ebsi, Hillingdon Training Ltd, London Transport Museum

Our projects, by their very nature, make a long-term contribution to infrastructure, the public and our clients. Yet we aim to ensure that each has a legacy spanning far beyond the initial construction period. We achieve this by engaging with local government and private agencies to identify the key local issues of each project and choose the most appropriate course of action for playing our part in resolving them.

Our collaboration with local organisations has been a key factor in our approach to sustainability, but our collaboration with the community does not stop there. We are firm believers in working with other Group companies, industry members, clients and JV partners to ensure that the impact for stakeholders is as positive, effective and as durable as possible.

This is reflected in our membership of the Heathrow Sustainability Partnership, Business in the Community, London Transport Museum and collaboration and support of Hillingdon Training Ltd, Education and Business International (Ebsi), and the Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy in addition to sponsorship of exhibitions at the National Gallery of Ireland.

Ferrovial Agroman are keen supporters of The Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy (TUCA) - a vital training facility to provide the UK with the key skills required to work in tunnel excavation, underground construction and infrastructure.
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