Mario Móstoles

Ferrovial Agroman UK and Ireland is committed to being a responsible business. We aim to meet the social, economic and environmental challenges of our rapidly changing world by not only conducting our activities ethically, professionally and legally but by also ensuring that economic, social and environmental aspect are included in all our decision making, striking a balance between our short and long term interests. By choosing this path, we are taking responsibility for our shared future – making sure that the business plays a key role in solving our world’s biggest challenges.”

Mario Mostoles, Managing Director 

At Ferrovial Agroman UK and Ireland we fully recognise our local and global corporate social responsibilities.

Through various intergovernmental initiatives such as the Global Compact and the Declaration of the International Labor Organization (ILO), we are dedicated to supporting and respecting fundamental human rights, internationally recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Modern Slavery Act

Ferrovial Agroman UK is committed to taking all appropriate steps to combat slavery and human trafficking. We are proud of the steps already taken and continually seek to improve our practices.


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